Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekend madness

This weekend my friends and I were walking around forests and different countrysides. We had a reason to do that, but I will keep it in secret, I just can say that we were looking for some stuff. We've found not so much as we were expected, but nevertheless we've seen new odd places.
Here are some pictures from our trip.
"The house of 1000 corpses" Don't you think so?

"The house of 1000 corpses" There is even the river behind the house. Very conveniant to hide dead bodies there))

"The Iron Man" Cool Guy))

Eco-sneaker)) Nice shoes for green.

"The real Resident Evil" It's a 4-storey building (the highest in this village), every storey is made of different material, and every storey isn't finished yet. The owner of this building is obviously insane.

"The real Resident Evil". The other view. Do you want to have a night-stand there?))

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